Swiss National Day

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Swiss National Day

August 1
A nationwide celebration of the Swiss Confederation, observed with torchlight processions, fireworks, shooting contests, and folkloric events. The day commemorates the occasion in 1291 when representatives of the three original cantons of Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden met on the Rutli meadow and swore an oath of alliance and mutual defense to lay the foundations of the Confederation.
In 1991, yearlong 700th-anniversary festivities set different themes for the different language areas. A celebration of the Federal Pact of 1291 was the theme for the German-speaking region; a Four Cultures Festival, demonstrating cultural diversity, for the French-speaking region; and a Festival of Solidarity, illustrating Switzerland's role in the international community, in the Romansh- and Italian-speaking areas.
Embassy of Switzerland
2900 Cathedral Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
202-745-7900; fax: 202-387-2564
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This will likely be the last Swiss National Day celebration in Jeddah, as the Swiss government has decided to close down its consulate in Jeddah at the beginning of 2014.
Not forgetting Switzerland's biggest holiday, Swiss National Day on August 1st.
com Celebrate Swiss National Day on August 1 at Glaziers Hall near Borough Market.
To give it flavor and to break away from the traditional mould, the Swiss national day reception will include a recital of Swiss music and a life-like imitation of Switzerland's natural beauty.
It's an especially nice vantage point from which to ad-mire the fireworks on Swiss National Day, August 1.
This was stated by the Consul General of Switzerland in Karachi, Martin Bienz, in a message in connection with the Swiss National Day.
Swiss National Day is a ceremonial day that marks the founding of Switzerland as a nation in 1291, although its independence was not held until 1648.
Summary: DUBAI - Fancy celebrating the Swiss National Day skiing and snowboarding in Dubai?
Around 40 Swiss will celebrate Swiss National Day on August 1 in Kyrgyzstan.
Then on Monday August 4 a Yorkshire and Swiss National Day Train with Hade Edge Band will have free Swiss cheese and a Yorkshire meat platter on board.
Two years later they arrived at MRA's conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, and the rapturous response to their performances on Swiss national day proved their potential to inspire a universal response.
It comes just before Swiss National Day on August 1, and just after the opening of Friedrich Schiller's play on the Rutli Meadow.

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