Sydney Mines

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Sydney Mines,

town (1991 pop. 7,551), Cape Breton Island, N.S., Canada, on Sydney Harbour. It is a former coal-mining center, coal having been mined in the area from 1784 to 2001. There are steel mills, foundries, and machine shops. The town is the terminus of a transatlantic cable.
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Each year, the 75-year-old member of Trinity Anglican Church, in the parish of Sydney Mines with Baddeck, crafts several beautiful patterned comforters and gives them away to charity or nursing home residents.
Keating was born in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of John and Effie (MacKinnon) Chase, and grew up in Clinton.
FibreOP services will be available to residential and business customers in Sydney, Sydney River, North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Glace Bay and New Waterford starting in autumn 2010.
Here I describe an upright tree of Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri rooted above the Point Aconi Coal in the Middle Pennsylvanian Sydney Mines Formation of Nova Scotia--the first example of an autochthonous pteridosperm described in the literature.
Cape Breton will have affordable housing in Sydney, North Sydney and Sydney Mines.
After working in the Northwest Territories with NWT Housing and later Baffin Tourism and Commerce he returned to Nova Scotia where he was project manager for Sydney Mines Renewal Association.
Apres un sejour a la Societe d'habitation des Territoires du Nord-Ouest et, plus tard, a Baffin Tourism and Commerce, il est revenu en Nouvelle-Ecosse comme gestionnaire de projet pour la Sydney Mines Renewal Association.
The first Canadian co-op started in the 1860s in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia.
Narrating the story of the Sydney Mines is greatly facilitated by the longevity of key personnel, both in Nova Scotia and the GMA in London.
I tramped the fields and shorelines of Cranberry in Sydney Mines and wondered if the men below could hear the echo of my footsteps.
With "Scotia's" eventual demise, towns like Sydney Mines, Trenton, and New Glasgow suffered economic and population decline.
A native of Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Currie has the distinction of scoring 73 goals in 72 games in his last year of junior hockey, a season that propelled him to a third round draft choice of the St.

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