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see AswanAswan
or Assuan
, city (1986 pop. 190,579), capital of Aswan governorate, S Egypt, on the Nile River at the First Cataract. It is one of the driest cities in the world.
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, Egypt.
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Five-thousand stadia separated Eratosthenes's pil-lar from the well of Syene, and the librarian's calculations established the circumference of the earth at 250,000 stadia.
Syene as 'face of battle': Heliodorus and late antique historiography.
9) The main protagonists, the young couple Theagenes and Charicleia, are marginalized, and the narrative in the first half of the book is devoted to a lengthy description of the siege of the Egyptian city of Syene, in which the Persian satrap Oroondates takes refuge with his army and which he subsequently defends against the forces of the Ethiopian King Hydaspes.
Por ejemplo es bien conocido que Eratostenes utilizo la proyeccion de la sombra de una vara situada en la ciudad de Alejandria en relacion con la completa iluminacion de otra vara situada en la ciudad de Syene para determinar la magnitud del radio terrestre y, con ello, medir indirectamente la circunferencia de la Tierra (8).
The best screenplay award was given to the Tunisian film Syene Sheta by director Ibrahim Al Latif.
55) For Pliny, Patala was remarkable for being, like Syene in Egypt (Aswan), under the tropic.
Eratosthenes happened to read in an astronomical journal that on June 21 at noon in the city of Syene shadows disappeared; the sun, thus, was directly overhead.
Copying quotes from the Bible, Gordon lingers over the descriptions of "Egypt being waste for forty years from the tower of Syene (Assouan) to the frontier of Ethiopia," adding, "It is certainly the Soudan which is meant, and it is in a fair way of being a desert" (Gordon, 10-11).
The stimulus to the Byzantine author's observation came from the text of Heliodoros himself, where the priests of Syene (an authoritative source) tell Hydaspes about the Nile (9.
At the summer solstice, he had been told, the Sun at noon cast no shadow at the city of Syene (modern Aswan), which was far south of Alexandria.
In 23 BC the Kushites attacked the Roman frontier garrisons (at Philae, Syene, Elephantine), an action that ended with Roman reprisals and the 'treaty of Samos', which inter alia appears to have re-established a condominium (see also Desanges 1969:139-147).