Sylvester I, Saint

Sylvester I, Saint,

pope (314–35), a Roman; successor of St. Miltiades (St. Melchiades). He was pope under the reign of Emperor Constantine I, who built for him the Lateran and other churches. St. Sylvester sent legates to the First Council of Nicaea and took strong interest in the controversy over ArianismArianism
, Christian heresy founded by Arius in the 4th cent. It was one of the most widespread and divisive heresies in the history of Christianity. As a priest in Alexandria, Arius taught (c.
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. The spurious Donation of Constantine (see Constantine, Donation ofConstantine, Donation of,
Lat. Constitutum Constantini, forged document, probably drafted in the 8th cent. It purported to be a grant by Roman Emperor Constantine I of great temporal power in Italy and the West to the papacy.
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) was supposedly given to St. Sylvester. The name is also spelled Silvester. He was succeeded by St. Marcus. Feast: Dec. 31.
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