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Family Sturnidae (6 species) and Sylviidae (6 species) comprised of the maximum number of species (Supplementary Table II).
SYLVIIDAE (Old World Babblers) Borneo: 15 [+3] spp.
The most dominant families in number of pairs are Paridae (121 pairs), Turdidae (115.5 pairs), Sylviidae (57.5 pairs), Picidae (55.5 pairs), and Fringillidae (43.5 pairs).
For example, significantly fewer species were documented in the present study in Falconiformes (Accipitridae and Falconidae; kh2 = 4.57, P = 0.033) and Passeriformes (e.g., Corvidae, Turdidae, Timaliidae, Muscicapidae, Sylviidae, Paridae, Nectariniidae, and Emberizidae; kh2 = 6.22, P = 0.013).