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Thus, we searched for sequences using the search keywords "16S" and "symbiont" as well as the name of the respective order.
In vivo and in vitro trans-acylation by BryP, the putative bryostatin pathway acyltransferase derived from an uncultured marine symbiont. Chem Biol 2008;15:1175-1186.
Cardinium symbionts induce haploid thelytoky in most clones of three closely related Brevipalpus species.
"Through millions and millions of years of evolution, termites and their symbionts have acquired highly specialised enzymes that work together to efficiently convert wood and other plant materials into simple sugars," says Scharf.
After the symbiont's outburst reveals the Silks' plan to use humans as tools to kill the Ina who support the genetic engineering experiment, the Gordon family calls a Council of Judgment on Shori's behalf.
Kinneer said Rhodes hit the ground running with "Symbiont," which was essentially Rhodes' first work.
The nitrogen-fixing ability of each leaf of Azolla, because it is a function of the heterocyst frequency of the symbiont it houses (Watanabe, 1982), varies with leaf maturity.
To this end, I present a units-of-evolution perspective on the endosymbiont theory, focusing on the probable ecological and physiological aspects of the host and symbiont cells and the possible nature of their initial interactions.
The use of a single isolate per plot forced plants to interact with a smaller range of symbiont genotypes than they are likely to encounter in nature (e.g., Weiser et al.
Heat stress can also indirectly affect insects by altering symbiont density and, consequently, the host-symbiont interactions (Burke et al., 2010), for example, by impairing the efficiency of symbiont transmission to the host's offspring (Sacchi et al., 1993; Dunbar et al., 2007).
The report said Nasdaq was speaking with a number of firms, including blockchain startup Symbiont, to launch the STO platform which would issue tokenized securities as well as allow their trade.