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A member of a symbiotic pair.



one of two different organisms that live together for a long period of time.

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To classify the Syinbiodinium clade of the Heliopora coerulea symbiont, a maximum likelihood (ML) phylogenetic tree was constructed using nucleic acid sequences of chloro-plast large subunit ribosomal DNA (cp23S).
However, Dejucos said "bleached" corals do not die immediately, "but the loss of their symbiont algae makes them susceptible to diseases and drives them to starvation, which in the long run, could spell death.
Professor Wiedenmann, who runs the University's Coral Reef Laboratory based at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, continues: "As soon as you leave the Gulf, corals start to host different symbionts.
Despite a reputation as fierce predators on animals captured in their foraging raids, many species of army ants support a rich assemblage of symbionts that are invertebrates and vertebrates (Holldobler and Wilson, 1990).
A comparison of the parasite and symbiont fauna of cohabiting native (Protothaca staminea) and introduced (Vennerupis philippinarum) and (Nuttalia obscurata) clams in British Columbia.
Evidence for the biosynthesis of bryostatins by the bacterial symbiont "candidatus endobugula sertula" of the bryozoan bugula neritina.
We reported some time ago that repair of damage to the photosynthetic apparatus is impaired at elevated temperatures, so preventing photodamage in the symbiont should confer thermal tolerance to the corals" In the past decade, scientists have identified symbiont algae in clades from A through H, differing in their genetic and physiological characteristics.
Endosymbionts such as Cardinium can specifically impact such traits, being potentially involved in both interspecific conflict between host and symbiont, as well as intraspecific sexual conflict between the sexes (see Martin & Gage 2007).
This is the pool of genes, both termite and symbiont, that code for the enzymes that break down and digest lignocellulosic material.
This paper presents new records for the bird tick, description of a site where specimens may be readily collected, and comments on an apparent bacterial symbiont associated with the tick.
Later, Shori learns that the "animal" she killed was a male, human symbiont sent to find her.