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But the abolition of the visa regime has a psychological and symbolic meaning. As one nation-two states, our peoples will be closer to each other."
Farid Ayaz, as he often does, kept describing the symbolic meaning of some of the profound lines used in the kalaam.
And today it bears a symbolic meaning - the new generation of performers will present this opera to the audience," Alizade added.
"The event today is a national celebration from the far south to the far north and holds a great national symbolic meaning when we all participate in this day together," he said.
In Cowie's enigmatic watercolour, High Noon, the collection of objects on the window sill may appear arbitrary and accidental, but each has a symbolic meaning. The half-empty glass of water signifies the passing of time.
That is why the first event of the celebrations of 30 Years of Freedom is the recovery of artistic vision and symbolic meaning of the Lennon Wall," Stastny said in a Facebook post.The celebrations will include several exhibitions in a buildup to the finale in November.
Due to their cultural significance and symbolic meaning, emblems epitomise the identity of a nation Image Credit: Supplied Emblems Various countries
Their goal is to provide a more nuanced view than is generally conveyed in the literature of the ideals, principles, and means by which the art communicates symbolic meaning in various contexts, to discuss the methods and theories by which modern scholars seek to understand the abstraction and symbolization, and to suggest fresh subjects and angles to extend the comprehension of late antique art.
Galanos said the mass has a symbolic meaning and sent the message that the people of Famagusta want to return to their homes and want the Turkish troops to end the illegal occupation.
This public visit and support to China on CPEC holds even more symbolic meaning when one considers the USA's opposition to CPEC, and its role in playing up this controversy.
While drawings such as the one unearthed in South Africa undoubtedly had a "symbolic meaning" d'Errico said early humans "probably didn't consider them as art."

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