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(computer science)
A computer storage device used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of information or time of occurrence of events when transmitting information from one device to another.
The component of a radar set which generates the timing voltage for the complete set.



a device in a camera that synchronizes the action of the camera shutter and a flash lamp. In many modern cameras, the synchronizer is equipped with a regulator that makes it possible to vary the time interval between the actuation of the shutter and the flash lamp. This type of regulation is necessary when switching between operation with a flashbulb and operation with an electronic flash.

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The stiffness of the shift fork has major role in improving shift feel as it directly relates to double bump and synchronizer nibble.
The heat flux function on synchronizer friction pair surfaces is
In this study, a new pneumatically driven robotized gearbox without clutch and synchronizer is introduced and a gear shifting control scheme is developed for an electric city bus.
where [[omega].sup.T.sub.s] is the target speed of output shaft linked to the synchronizer in the speed regulation phase, [[omega].sub.s] is actual speed of output shaft, and [delta] and [xi] are speed calibrations determined by the speed difference calibration experiment in the bench test.
In Table 6, we can find that in a protocol, the processing time of each module with four modulation types is equivalent, except for the synchronizer. This result can be attributed to the fact that the total amount of processed signal is equivalent and that data dependence among the thread-blocks is eliminated.
Pierce, "What is a file synchronizer?", In Fourth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom '98), Full version available as Indiana University CSCI technical report #507, April 1998.
Then, we added the reset synchronizer in the design as shown in Fig.
In addition, Child claims shifts, "are instantaneous, eliminate the torque interruption and pitch of conventional shifts, improve acceleration by 5% with no change in gearing, and the ring assembly can be packaged in existing synchronizer envelopes at a lower cost." He claims a 4.0-liter V6 Mustang fitted with the system gained an average of five car lengths over a manually shifted version in acceleration tests, showed a marked increase in fuel economy on a typical drive cycle, and lower emissions.
Since 9/11, DOD has attempted to synchronize global operations by designating a combatant commander as the global synchronizer for certain mission sets.
TurboFTP features a built-in Folder Synchronizer, which provides visual comparison of local and remote directory contents, where files to be transferred, updated or removed are clearly marked with action icons based on user-defined rules.
It includes a glitch-free data bit synchronizer with a synchronized clock.
Both MPEGPRO MVR and MPEGPRO EMR feature advanced image filtering, such as 3D digital noise reduction, 3D frame synchronizer, line time base corrector and 3D Y/C separation (NTSC only), to provide enhanced image quality.