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see communications satellitecommunications satellite
artificial satellite that functions as part of a global radio-communications network. Echo 1, the first communications satellite, launched in 1960, was an instrumented inflatable sphere that passively reflected radio signals back to earth.
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This comprehensive SWOT profile of Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd provides you an in-depth strategic analysis of the company's businesses and operations.
Syncom 3 is like that, but if it had been successfully rocketed up to its lofty duty station from the altitude at which the shuttle deployed it barely four months ago, any repairs at all would have been out of reach.
"In order for the ecosystem to accept African Americans as a viable source for talent to build meaningful ventures, we have to have evidence of repeatable success," says Syncom's Smith.
Through his stewardship of SYNCOM, he has provided critical financing for companies such as media powerhouse Radio One Inc.
Duane McKnight, a vice president at Syncom Management Co., founded The Marathon Club in 2003 with the purpose of connecting minority-led private equity firms with African American and Hispanic entrepreneurs.
6 3 SYNCOM 1977 9 7 6 Provender 1997 4 Capital Group L.L.C.