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(cell and molecular biology)
A mass of multinucleated cytoplasm without division into separate cells. Also known as polykaryocyte.
(invertebrate zoology)
Multinucleated cell or gland.



a structural type of animal and plant tissue characterized by incomplete demarcation of the cells. Separate portions of cytoplasm with nuclei are joined together by cytoplasmatic bridges. Mesenchyme and bone are examples of syncytium in animals.

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Furthermore, in the cultivar Revolucion, Finetti Sialer (1990) observed that during the expansion of the feeding site, adjacent phloem cells were displaced or incorporated into the syncytium. In Andean varieties, however, the phloem was reduced and displaced to the periphery, losing contact with the xylem, as described in commercial potatoes parasitized by this nematode (Lax et al., 2013).
Endocardial endothelium syncytium can be functionally represented
ABCA1 expression was localized to the syncytium and vascular endothelial cells of the placental tissues, as indicated by the arrowheads.
In the absence of any strong and adverse response from the root cell, like localized cell death or callose deposition, a syncytium is initiated from ISC.
Syncytium covering the stem villi is desquamated on considerable extent and replaced with fibrinoid.
Pioneer neuroscientist Camillo Golgi believed that the fundamental unit of neural function was the syncytium, or diffuse nerve network (2).
The role of cytotrophoblasts is to provide the syncytium with cells in addition to forming outpouchings that later become the chorionic villi covering the chorionic sac.
Syncytium depends upon the maternal blood supply for its oxygen requirement and reduction of villous vascularity impairs the oxygenation of the syncytium.
Within the broken islet, scattered beta cells are no longer functionally synchronized, as within the ordered PI core of intact islets forming a membrane potential syncytium. Expected long-lasting local SST overproduction by enumerating delta cells and the concomitant enhanced paracrine SST effect on the diminishing number of beta cells with deteriorating autocrine insulin function [31], which is otherwise supporting beta cell viability, must affect normal beta cell maintenance.
The central role of human chorionic gonadotropin in the formation of human placental syncytium. Endocrinol, 144: 1108-1120.
The cells are small, uniformly bland, and polygonal to round and are arranged in a syncytium with indistinct cell borders (figure 3).
Sporozoite entry in target cells is a rapid process and within 15-30 minutes of invasion the infective sporozoite eliminates the enclosing host cell membrane and free in cytoplasm, parasite then differentiates into a multinucleated syncytium called a schizont.