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An ecological association in which the physiological processes or behavior of an individual are enhanced by the nearby presence of another organism.
An action where the total effect of two active components in a mixture is greater than the sum of their individual effects, for example, a mixture volume that is greater than the sum of the individual volumes, or in resin formulation, the use of two or more stabilizers, where the combination improves polymer stability more than expected from the additive effect of the stabilizers.



(1) The joint and homogeneous functioning of systems and organs, including muscles.

(2) The combined action of medicinal agents on the body, whereby the overall effect exceeds the effect exerted by each component separately.

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These effects can appear as positive or negative synergisms. If the specific numbers of related response sets are selected, the synergism (positive or negative) results will enhance the individual effect of each response.
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Metropolitan Ghattas referred to the UN honoring of His Highness the Amir as a "Humanitarian Leader" and Kuwait as a "Humanitarian Center", and emphasized His Highness the Amir's policy based on dialogue, synergism and love.
Aside from the customtailoring of their shows, Mackenzie added that synergism also helps them discover new talents and ideas.
Thus, the delegates considered the cluster approach, which provides its members with a new logic of competition, cooperation and control system - synergism on a basis of institutional interaction among industrial enterprises, research institutions and the state.