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And he continues, (in syntony with Mintzberg's vision as for the emergent process of strategy formation and of the inherent limitations of the process of formal planning), highlighting the "impossibility of researching all the effects and counter effects thoroughly, of the projected enterprise.
Laborde, Influencing with Integrity (Palo Alto, CA: Syntony Publishing, 1957), 27.
Lodge's investigations continued and he is credited for inventing the syntony, the forerunner in the valve, and the loudspeaker.
Among the criteria that have oriented the choices, essentially in the attempt to satisfy demands of "representativity" of the usable dialects (along with the metropolitan dialects, one must consider the very numerous idiomatic variations present in all Italian linguistic areas), over the strictly critical ones of selection and the socioanthropological ones, though rich in analytic developments, has prevailed the personal motivation of a psychological nature: a loving syntony or distonia with the selected authors, but syntony and distonia in any case held up by the perspicuous ideological novelty and the profound alarmed search for expressive values evidenced by the texts.