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, syphon
1. a tube placed with one end at a certain level in a vessel of liquid and the other end outside the vessel below this level, so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube and out of the vessel
2. See soda siphon
3. Zoology any of various tubular organs in different aquatic animals, such as molluscs and elasmobranch fishes, through which a fluid, esp water, passes
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a vessel for preparing and storing soda water. There are self-charging and charged types. A self-charging syphon consists of a bottle made of metal or of glass with a reinforcing metal network and a screwed-on head. The head is equipped with a discharge tube and a clip holding a cartridge of liquid carbon dioxide under a pressure of 57.5 × 105 newtons/m2(57.5 atmospheres). When the clip is rotated, a hollow needle pierces the plug in the cartridge, and gas passes into the syphon. Self-charging syphons made of metal have capacities of 1 to 2 liters (/); those made of glass have a capacity of 1 l. Charged syphons are manufactured from thick-walled glass and have capacities ranging from 0.8 to 2l. They are filled at special stations under pressures of 6 × 105 to 8 × 105 newtons/m2 (6 to 8 atmospheres).

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The balancing syphon coffee making system was developed almost simultaneously in Vienna and in Paris, circa 1840.
The Johnson Research Center focuses on testing different equipment combinations and system components (such as rotary joints, stationary syphons, rotary syphons and Turbulator bars) under the conditions of a particular customer's operation.
Although the bars can be used in any dryer, Johnson reports that the cross-section of the tube bar has been specifically optimized for use with the Johnson PTX stationary syphon.
Investigations revealed that the scam affected different savings schemes and instruments and that the officials involved had syphoned off as much as Rs200 million.
The theft happened between 5pm on Thursday, March 3, and 9am on Saturday, March 15, when the thieves broke into the back garden of an address in High Hauxley, Northumberland, and syphoned fuel from an oil container.
Businessman Ivo Prokopiev, who holds a 51% stake in Economedia, which publishes the influential Capital newspaper and news page, has syphoned close to BGN 100 M from Doverie, a major pension provider in Bulgaria, over the last three years, according to the investigation.
And crooks syphoned fuel from three lorries at a business in Birmingham Road, Badsey, near Evesham, on Saturday, at around 8pm.
Prior to the switch to the Johnson PTX joints and stationary syphons, another issue was safety.
Once inside the yard they syphoned off the 400 litres of fuel.
A van parked in the Bebside area of Blyth was also hit by thieves, who syphoned fuel from its tank, damaging the vehicle in the process.