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Greece: see SírosSíros
or Syros
, island (1991 pop. 19,870), 33 sq mi (85 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea, one of the Cyclades. Ermoupolis, or Síros, is the island's main town and port. Síros is the richest and most populous of the Cyclades.
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When I read it now, just recently, a lot had changed in it and for the better only,' Syra told The Express Tribune in an exclusive proclamation of sorts.
introducti ergo in Syra ordam (68), scilicet in stacionem imperatoris (69); acceptis muneribus, duxerunt nos ad ordam siue ad tentorium ipsius (70).
However, as has been remarked by Marco Rizzi (31), a debate on cult without images was going on in the second century and involved the Middle Platonist Plutarch (Numa 8) and Lucian (De dea Syra 2-3).
ZAPARDIEL FERNANDEZ, Ana y BALANZAT ALONSO, Syra (2009): Manual de intervencion psicologica y social en victimas de terrorismo: 11-M.
And for Fabiola the three persons who most noticeably demonstrated these qualities were Syra, her slave; Agnes, her cousin; and Sebastian, captain of the praetorian guards.
He was present at Syra Orda for the enthronement of the third Great Khan, Guyuk (1246-8), in August of 1246.
the embracing, the enveloping, rather than the contemplated" (Fedorov 20) Bakhtinian fascination with folk mentality and the promises it holds, expresses the deep Russian longing to fuse, to be swallowed, to become one with the great, warm body of the earth (expressed in the Russian concepts of "mother Russia" and "raw mother earth" (mat' syra zemlja).
DAMASCUS, Syra -- In the struggle now just to stay alive, everyone has forgotten that Iraq has lost, among other things, its tradition in sports.
De plus, les voyages a Cythere et a Syra sont tous les deux fictifs; ces articles de voyage sont publies en 1844 dans L'Artiste et ont pour but de mettre en scene les lieux mytho-religieux de la Grece d'une maniere artistique.
Richard is survived by his wife of 47 years, Maryann (Dzamko) Hayes of LaBelle, FL; his 4 children, Mary Ann Hayes of West Chester, PA, Heidi (PK) Hayes-Pandey of Shrewsbury, MA, Dori (Steve) Province of LaBelle, FL and Richard James (Ronda Tharp) Hayes of Franklin, MA; his two sisters, Mary Sheila (Hayes) Shearon of Crystal River, FL, Beatrice (Hayes) Westervelt of Ormond Beach, FL; his 7 grandchildren, Maya, Aja, Syra, Vince, Ryan, Stephani and Taylor; several nieces, nephews and friends especially his loving pets Peanut Butter & Jelly and Long time companion Maxi.
The 'Canaanite' marker sets not only you, Rahab, but you, too, Syra,--if I may call you that--'as one who must be invaded (and) conquered.
A race against time to stop terror ensues as Waverly, haunted by the past betrayals of a fellow operative as well as those closest to him, navigates the intrigue and outright ruthlessness rampant in Syra and war-riven Iraq.