Syrian Desert

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Syrian Desert,

Arabic Badiyat Ash Sham, arid wasteland, SW Asia, between the cultivated lands along the E Mediterranean coast and the fertile Euphrates River valley. It extends N from the Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia and comprises W Iraq, E Jordan, and SE Syria. The famous Arabian horses are raised along the edges of the desert, which in the north is crossed by oil pipelines and by a motor route from Damascus to Baghdad. Several nomadic tribes inhabit the desert. Palmyra and other oases served as staging posts on ancient Mediterranean-Mesopotamian trade routes.
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Syrian Desert


(Badiyat al-Sham), a desert in western Asia; located in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Area, approximately 1 million sq km.

The Syrian Desert is essentially a flat plateau, which gradually decreases in elevation—from 800 to 500 m—toward the northeast, where it gives way to the Euphrates River valley. Inselbergs, with elevations of 1,000–1,100 m, are not uncommon. The desert is composed primarily of Cretaceous and Paleogenic limestones, marls, and cherts, with basalt surfaces in places. It has many enclosed depressions, sometimes of karstic origin, with solonchaks and takyrs. Isolated sand areas and hammadas occur.

The climate of the Syrian Desert is subtropical, continental, and dry, with warm winters and hot summers. In Tadmor (formerly Palmyra), on the northern edge of the desert, the average January temperature is 6.9°C, and the average July temperature, 29.2°C; annual precipitation is about 100 mm, with the maximum in winter. Spring and early summer bring the khamsin. The Syrian Desert has no natural outlet for surface drainage. Ephemeral streams occasionally flow through dry river channels (wadis); water can be obtained at a few wells. The sparse and widely spaced vegetation consists of shrubs, sub-shrubs, ephemeral grasses, and desert lichens, which grow on coarse soils of the sierozem type. Groves of tamarisk grow along the channels of the ephemeral streams. The nomads of the desert raise sheep, goats, and camels.


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The paper cited unnamed diplomatic sources as saying that Syrian representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Bassam al-Sabbagh accused Tel Aviv on Thursday of "dumping uranium over a specific part of Syrian territories in order to show that Syria is secretly building a nuclear program." The uranium was reportedly left there when Israel bombed an area in the Syrian desert in September 2007 which the U.S.
During World War I the Turkish government abandoned Armenians in the Syrian Desert. More than one million died from malnutrition and other causes.
Summary: The UN atomic watchdog cannot yet determine if a building in a remote site in the Syrian desert destroyed by Israeli planes last year was intended for nuclear use, the IAEA found in a report Wednesday.
Months before the IAEA visit to the Syrian desert site in June, it had been covered in concrete as part of a foundation of a new building.
The memories that are slowly deteriorating the narrator's sanity and driving him to madness include images of lynched Ixil peasants, torture cells in Guatemala City, and a "bone-boy"--a bone collector in the Syrian desert. Stylistically Marcom's prose reenacts trauma through non-linearity, compulsive repetition and negation: "This is an essay against Progress (it is not a progressive story), this essay does not do it, but like the maze of days of thoughts of memories and not memories, like the phrases which tumbled willy-nilly from a mother's mouth, or an invocation, a song;--repeat themselves endlessly, without form or with it?" Language is deliberately broken down; it often doesn't make any sense.
''We know from this facility in the Syrian desert that North Korea is assisting Syria, a member in good standing of list of state sponsors of terrorism, with a nuclear program,'' he said.
The relations between Ankara and Yerevan have been strained over the events of 1915, when thousands of Armenians sent into exile by the ruling junta of nationalist Ottoman officers died en route towards the Syrian desert. Rehn also insisted that Turkey re-establish its relations with Cyprus and open its ports and airports to traffic from that country.
The silence of the other Arab states - all Sunni suspicious of the role Damascus is playing in the Iran-led axis - which would normally condemn an Israeli attack suggested that they, too, were worried about what was happening in the Syrian desert. The silence of Turkey was equally conspicuous, especially that Syrian President Assad visited Ankara and Istanbul on Oct.
A group of hot air balloonists left stranded in the Syrian desert after their equipment was impounded are hoping to take to the air today.
After about 80 kilometers a small road heads east from the town of Nebek into the Great Syrian Desert. The border with Iraq lies further on.
The remaining women, children and elderly were ordered to take what they could carry and sent out on a gruelling march into the Syrian desert. In the process, hundreds of thousands of Armenians, perhaps as many as a million and a half, died from starvation, thirst, and attacks from Kurdish bandits going after their gold and their young girls.

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