(also Sürlin), a family of German sculptors and carvers in wood and stone who lived in Ulm.

Jörg Syrlin the Elder. Born circa 1425; died 1491.

Syrlin headed a workshop from 1449. Works executed by him or under his supervision, such as the carved choir stall in the cathedral of Ulm (1469), combine late Gothic features with individualized treatment of the human figure and character.

Jörg Syrlin the Younger. Born circa 1455; died after 1521. Son and student of Jörg Syrlin the Elder.

Developing his father’s style, Syrlin emphasized secular elements. Notable examples of his work are the carved choir stalls in the monastery of Blaubeuren, Baden-Würtemberg (1493).


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The Jrg Syrlin primary school (grades 1-4) and the Astrid Lindgren school (grades 1-6) with kindergarten (2 groups, 20 children) are located in Ulm in the district of Weststadt am Kuhberg.