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a liquid medicine containing a sugar solution for flavouring or preservation



a concentrated solution of a sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or maltose or combinations of them in water or fruit juice. Syrups are clear, viscous liquids; those made with fruit juice have an aroma of fruit. The caloric content of syrups is about 10 megajoules per kg (245–246 kilocalories per 100 g), and the sugar content varies from 40 to 80 percent. Water-based syrups with a sugar content of 30 to 60 percent are used in the making of jam, canned fruit, and confectionery. Fruit syrups are used to make individual servings of carbonated and still beverages.

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The majority of paediatric and geriatric patients prefer liquid as a delivery method over solid dosage forms, which is attributed to high proportion of oral syrups in the global cold, cough and sore throat remedies market.
Other tap-ready trees include boxelder (a maple relative), birch, walnut, hickory and sycamore, but the cost and time commitment of making syrups from these trees can be prohibitive.
The lightest syrup is now "Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Taste" and the darkest is "Grade A: Very Dark with Strong Taste.
Monin's bakery line is designed to deliver "fresh out of the oven" flavor: the banana nut bread syrup offers a combination of ripe banana flavor with a touch of nut and spice; the cinnamon bun syrup delivers the taste of cinnamon and brown sugar with icing on top; and the cupcake syrup satisfies a craving for an iced vanilla cupcake.
North American Indians made the first maple syrup and used it as both food and medicine, not realizing the exact health benefits the sweet product provided.
Not all syrups depend upon a living organism for their existence.
Sweet Freedom can be used to replace sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, HFCS, glucose/gomme syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup and rice syrups in a wide variety of food and drink products.
Spurious cough syrups worth Rs five crore were seized from a house in a dingy Moradabad locality on Friday evening.
Flavoring syrups work great in cocktails like an on-trend Pomegranate Martini, or even an Italian Egg Nog-flavored blender drink.
Real maple syrup sweetens even the dullest breakfast, and it's no mystery why.
Cough syrups are acidic and contain a lot of sugar.
Shady Maple Farm offers an array of imaginative maple syrup products, including their new spreadable maple syrups.