Szymon Konarski

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Konarski, Szymon


Born Mar. 5, 1808, in the village of Dobkiszki; died Feb. 27, 1839, in Vilnius. Polish revolutionary. Of gentry origin.

Konarski took part in the Polish Uprising of 1830–31 and emigrated after it was suppressed. He participated in the campaign of the Italian Carbonari in Savoy (January 1834) and was one of the founders of Young Poland (1834). In 1835, Konarski and J. Czyñski published the newspaper Potnoc in Paris, calling for Polish-Russian revolutionary solidarity. He arrived in Kra-ków in 1835 as an emissary of Young Poland and subsequently helped form cells of the revolutionary organization Fellowship of the Polish People in the Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Lithuania. Konarski was arrested in May 1838 and during the interrogation conducted himself with great fortitude. A tsarist court sentenced him to death and he was shot.


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