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telecoil mode

Also called "T-coil mode," it is an optional wireless mode in phones that can be selected for wearers of telecoil-based hearing aids. A telecoil is a tiny wire-wrapped rod (induction coil) that serves as an antenna to pick up electromagnetic energy and convert it to electricity. Phones rated T3 or T4 work best with telecoil hearing aids.

No More Background Noise
When both the phone is transmitting and the hearing aid is receiving in telecoil mode, the local background noise is greatly reduced. Telecoil systems are also used in public venues where an "audio induction loop" ("hearing loop") is a ring of copper wire or tape that encircles a room, counter, drive-through or chair cushion. The loop is connected to the public address system and transmits audio signals to telecoil users.

Neck Loops
Users can also wear a "neck loop," which is a wire worn around the neck that plugs into an iPod, CD player, TV or other sound source using the appropriate cable connector. The neck loop transmits the audio signals to the telecoil in the hearing aid. Bluetooth neck loops are gateways that provide audio conversion from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or iPod to the hearing aid. See NFMI.

Ditch the Background Noise
When hearing-impaired users see this sign, they can switch their hearing aids to T-coil mode and pick up announcements directly without background noise. (Image courtesy of,
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The enhancements made to the Switchless T-coil system occurred in a two-fold process.
micro-technology without the use of their hearing aid and switching the aid to the T-coil position," said Waldron.
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When using a hearing aid switched to the T-coil setting, initial studies show almost a 30% difference in average discrimination scores between the two technologies.
A T-coil is a magnetic induction pickup coil mounted inside the hearing aid.
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The new product works with Nokia 5100 or 6100 digital wireless phones and offers digital communications solutions to the more than two million T-coil hearing aid users in North America.
HATIS works with any prescribed hearing aid that has a T-Coil and enables people with up to 99 percent hearing loss the use of wireless technology.