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tee joint

welded tee joint
A joint between two members which are located approximately at right angles to each other in the form of the letter T.
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The T-joint can replace the elbow joints of household water pipes, with the water pressure running the device like a dynamo and the current flowing through an abutting electrical wire.
The hybrid T-joint specimen includes a 2-mm-thick composite laminate base and an overmolded stem, which creates an interface area of 4 mm X 20 mm.
Caption: Heat-stabilized, glass-reinforced nylon 66 turbocharger outlet T-joint achieves a 42% weight savings and 35% cost reduction.
Kamle, "An experimental study of the reflection and transmission of flexural waves at an arbitrary T-joint," Journal of Applied Mechanics, vol.
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3 shows two metallographic cross section specimens for 0 mm air gap of the T-joint with values of weld shape dimensions.
The process for making a T-joint begins with marking on the edge of the sides where the top of the shelf should be.
T-joints had equal weld legs and at higher welding speeds surface pores were observed.
Visual inspection of the outer surface indicated that the failed zone was located about 0.78 inches (20 mm) away from the circumferential weld-connecting T-joint with elbow (Figure 1-b).
Base material and 3 recommended filler wires are subjected to T-joint weld cracking test.
The T-joint is a common failure point in chairs and is often made using either mortise and tenon construction or dowel construction.
Take T for example; it turns up in T-shirt, T-bone, T-joint, T-strap, T square, T-bar and T-maze.