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T, 20th letter of the alphabet. It corresponds to the Greek tau. It represents the unvoiced dental or, as in English, the alveolar stop. The diagraph th represents the characteristic English interdental fricative, voiced in this, voiceless in thing. For modern misapprehensions concerning older signs for the fricative, see the letter Y.
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On drawings, abbr. for tee.
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1. True. A Lisp compiler by Johnathan A. Rees in 1982 at Yale University. T has static scope and is a near-superset of Scheme. Unix source is available. T is written in itself and compiles to efficient native code. Used as the basis for the Yale Haskell system. Maintained by David Kranz <kranz@masala.lcs.mit.edu>.

Latest version: 3.1.


A multiprocessing version of T is available ftp://masala.lcs.mit.edu/pub/mult.

Runs on Decstation, SPARC, Sun-3, Vax under Unix, Encore, HP, Apollo, Macintosh under A/UX.

E-mail: <t3-bugs@cs.yale.edu> (bugs). E-mail: <t-project@cs.yale.edu>.
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Trillion (10 to the 12th power). Abbreviated "T." It often refers to the precise value 1,099,511,627,776 since computer specifications are usually binary numbers. See TB, binary values and space/time.
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In the past, the designers have created both a modern, interpretation of the traditional ghutra as well as fun, edgy T-shirts. The limited edition T-shirt collection is a fusion of both, and an extension of the designers' personality and individuality.
According to Reuters Qantas staff said that the t-shirt, which featured a picture of Bush with the line "World's number 1 terrorist", may have upset other passengers.
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Place a folded newspaper or piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt. This will provide a smooth surface for painting and protect the back of the T-shirt from the paint.
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