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a small auxiliary aerofoil on the trailing edge of a rudder, aileron, or elevator, etc., to assist in the control of the aircraft in flight


1. short for tabulator, tablet
2. Slang a portion of a drug, esp LSD or ecstasy
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a metal or plastic clamp or clip on a card in a card catalog. The tab shows the number of the card or a special code indicating the content of the indexed document.

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1. A small, narrow drop curtain in a theater used to mask from view a portion of the stage.
3. The lower end of a shingle; the visible portion of a roof shingle that remains uncovered.
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A small auxiliary control surface forming part of the trailing edge of an aircraft's control surfaces. Tabs help in trimming and may also assist in moving primary controls. The various types of tabs are servotabs, fixed tabs, balance tabs, trim tabs, spring tabs, etc. See servotab, spring tab, and balance tabs.
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(1) (TABlet) See tablet.

(2) To move the screen cursor or print head to a specified column (the tab stop). Pressing the Tab key on a keyboard moves the cursor horizontally to the right or to the next input field. Shift-Tab moves left. In the ASCII character set, there are codes for horizontal and vertical tabs (see ASCII chart). See tab stop.

(3) (TAB) See tape automated bonding.

(4) A visual identifier in a browser that identifies opened Web pages. See tabbed browsing.

(5) A horizontal menu on control panels and dialog boxes. Clicking the tab jumps the user to that function, and that tab becomes highlighted.

Dialog Box Tabs
On-screen tabs are widely used in control panels. In this example, the Appearance tab is currently selected and highlighted.
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Lastly, I brought participants' standardized TABE reading tests scores into consideration to understand to what extent their reading grade level may have impacted their performance and learning.
In order to be accepted in one of the online GED classes, students must score 6.0 on the TABE Level D Reading Subtest and 9.0 in a minimum one of the three subtests (Math, reading, or language).
On first post-operative day the vision was less than 6/60 in majority of patients as in Tabe 2.
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Congolese oil minister Crispin Atama Tabe Mogodi said: "We are in talks with the Angolan authorities to see in what way the two national companies, Sonangol and Cohydro, can begin to explore and exploit I think the negotiations are going well."
She was responsible for the ABLE (Adult Basic Learning Exam), TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education), and the HSED/GED exams.
They were picked up by Irki-Leni Tabe, (1) the goddess of song and music, as they were rare instruments.