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TACAN (tactical air navigation)

TACAN (tactical air navigation)click for a larger image
Bearing measurement by phase comparison method.
A radio navigational aid operating in the UHF (ultrahigh frequency) band that provides information about the slant range and the bearing from the station. It is used generally by the military. The aircraft equipment interrogates the ground transponder and obtains the slant range by measuring the time difference and the magnetic bearing to the aircraft. It does this by modulating the pulses being transmitted by the beacon. Since the ground beacon is continuously on, the bearing and range information is continuously available. TACAN equipment also permits an aircraft to find its range from another aircraft also equipped with TACAN and operating at a fixed differential frequency. The frequency selection is by a preset channel number (1 to 126). On aeronautical charts, TACAN is shown by the symbol image
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I encouraged all my interlocutors to keep the fast pace of the political process as much as possible because it is needed in order to achieve high standards that will bring your country closer to NATO membership," Tacan said.
My job is to provide TACAN services to Marine Corps aircraft," said Ott.
PAL said that Tacan is an experienced pilot with more than 30 years of flying experience.
The hardest part was keeping the community engaged and keeping them at a place where they had an open mind to this," said Tacan.
It comes as a surprise that the Scandinavian loanword tacan is first registered not, as could be expected, in the Northern dialects where contacts with Scandinavian culture were most intense, but in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, more precisely in its Early Middle English continuation known as The Peterborough Chronicle, the MS E of which comes from Northhamptonshire, i.
It's very competitive," Tacan said, adding all squads took the competition seriously and were gunning for victory.
7U section if they descended 50 feet below the MDA during an over-land TACAN approach to "correct" for the BARALT error?
CEBU CITY -- A motorcycle back-rider was killed while the driver was injured when their motorcycle rammed into the railings at the center of the road in sitio (subvillage) Tacan, Barangay (village) Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City on Monday dawn.
What the author apparently did was state certain technical characteristics appropriate to the distance measuring (DME) portion (vice azimuth) of either a TACAN or VOR/DME system, whose signals are, of course, time referenced.
We had TACAN and it worked just as you described when going from fix to fix using the HSI.
The delegation includes deputy undersecretaries Selim Yenel and Tacan Ildem as well as Turkish Ambassador to the USA Namik Tan.
Shortly after nightfall, and approximately 11 hours into a combat mission near hostile territory, the crew of WHISTLER 50 noticed a TACAN fault light on the copilot's side.