console room

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control room, console room

A small room, in or adjacent to an auditorium, having a view of the stage, in which the lighting or sound-control consoles are located.
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Mark Smith, chairman of the market traders' association, now part of the National Market Traders' Federation, said the Tardis was the latest in a number of initiatives aimed at promoting the market.
"Everyone who came knows how obsessed we are as our wedding gifts included a Tardis bird feeder, a sonic screwdriver pizza cutter and a Doctor Who cook book."
In the final frames, she was hurled from the Tardis out into space and time - followed with the words "to be continued".
Reflecting on these achievements, it would be good to re enter the Tardis, setting the clock forward 10 years, upon arrival, Brexit will have undoubtedly gone wrong, Scotland would be independent and with an Ireland reunited and within the European customs union.
However, building a TARDIS time machine requires something called exotic matter.
The Doctor Who Experience takes visitors behind the scenes to visit the actual Tardis set
3 September 2015 - French advertising and marketing group Publicis Groupe's Publicis Healthcare unit has acquired Tardis Medical, a clinical and medical affairs outsourcing organisation and consultancy business, the group said on Thursday.
Now the memory of Gary, known to friends at Redcar's Grenfell Club for adults and children with learning and physical disabilities as "Big G" due to his height and equally "big personality", is being kept alive with a special Tardis tribute bench in the garden of the club.
That, of course, is the famous TARDIS (which stands for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space"), which the main character (known only as The Doctor) uses to, you guessed it, travel through time and space.