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Furthermore, we were isolated the [beta]-casein gene containing the mutant TATA box (CATAAAA) by LA-PCR of samples from another individual pig (Figure 2A).
Hoechst 33342 induces apoptosis and alters TATA box binding protein/DNA complexes in nuclei from BC3H-1 myocytes.
Among 93 patients with the six-pair TATA box, 14, or 15%, experienced severe side effects from irinotecan hydrochloride.
Likewise, when saddle-shaped yeast TBP binds to DNA containing the TATA box, it causes that DNA to bend sharply in two places and the base pairs in between to lose their helical twist, says Paul B.
Distribution of the genotypes within the TATA box of the UGT1A1 gene and relative risks of MI in the different groups.