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TBF used a laser Doppler blood flow meter (Moor instrument DRT4, UK) assessing over the center area of latent MTrPs.
Arc, which was founded last year after the buyout of Metalrax which had been placed into administration, said the deal to buy TBF would provide its Lutonbased subsidiary Toolspec with access to new products, processes and customers.
Infection at the same time as TBF gives rise to a mortality rate approaching 100%.
Abbreviations: BC = body composition, DXA = dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, ES-RT = electrical stimulation resistance training, FES = functional electrical stimulation, LBM = lean body mass, LCE = leg cycling ergometry, LL = lower limb, NMES = neuromuscular electrical stimulation, RBF = regional body fat, SCATs = Spinal Cord Assessment Tool for Spastic Reflexes, SCI = spinal cord injury, TBF = total body fat, TM = total mass, VAS = visual analog scale.
The aim of this paper is identifying and statistical testing of TBF and TMC random variable distributions for a batch of hydropower generator units having Kaplan turbine, based on hystorical data regarding its operational behavior.
This is the Connecticut TBF 5th Annual NEPVA Bass Tournament, which has been held each April on Congamond," said Jim Marenzana, vice president, Connecticut's FLW/TBF The Bass Federation (www.
8 million War-Mart BFL tournament trail and will feature 54 boaters and 54 co-anglers who have advanced from more than 30,000 BFL anglers and 20,000 TBF anglers nationwide this year to reach the prestigious event.
While TBF was first described nearly 100 years ago, it has only recently been discovered that there are several rickettsial species transmitted in southern Africa, the most common of which is Rickettsia africae.
i] = cost of material + execution time + depreciation of equipment; i = LNP, FBE, TBF, CTC, mAECT, or CATT titration; cost of [treatment.
Others are the Grumman F4F Wildcat and the Grumman TBF Avenger.
A directed-forgetting effect is evidenced by a decrement in recall of the TBF items in comparison with the TBR items.
In automatic mode, the instrument switches between TBF and standard direct measurement, depending on the material.