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A retrospective descriptive analysis of all patients readmitted to the Department of Internal Medicine at TBH within 30 days of discharge from 1 January 2014 to 31 March 2015 was done.
WindRose partnered with TBH's executive team to recapitalize the business and to provide additional capital to support future growth.
TBH : Profit sharing rate given by sharia commercial bank (percent)
The app tbh was a teen app that the company acquired just eight months ago.
The 40 student volunteers under AGU Paediatrics Department chairman Dr Abdulaziz Elfaki facilitated parents and children at the TBH which ends today.
TBH, not everyone will be bovvered by all of the 1,000 new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in its latest quarterly update, which reveals current trends in the use of language.
From 2008, a paediatric ward looking after children from Khayelitsha needing level 1 care was opened at Tygerberg Hospital (TBH), but was administered and staffed independently.
Neo, mar a thuirt am bodach anns an taigh-seinnse agus sinn a' comhradh air caractar co-ghneitheach a bha air tbh; "Cha do dh'fheuch mi fhin a-riamh e, eagal orm gun cordadh e rium cus."
Amac: Hafif kafa travmasi (HKT) nedeniyle beyin bilgisayarli tomografisi (BBT) cekilen cocuklarda, klinik, fizik muayene ve kafa radyografi bulgularina gore travmatik beyin hasarini (TBH) on gorebilecek risk faktorlerinin olup olmadigini belirlemek.
Disappointed with the result but tbh we were beaten by a much better side.
And it seems he's having the time of his life, tweeting: "Tbh boot camp was one of the best experiences I've had!
We were introduced to telebehavioral health (TBH) by the outgoing Brigade Behavioral Health Officer upon our arrival in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in March 2012 for a 9-month deployment.