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The levels of TBIL, ALT, and AST in PTX-SHEC-treated rabbits remained high at week 2, but dramatically decreased at week 4.
In total patients, C3 levels were negatively correlated with TBIL and ALT (r = -0.
Distribution of patients' biochemical parameters at the time of admission Standard N=53 Mean deviation Median Minimum Maximum WBC 12714 4571 12100 4900 26200 ALT 193 219 70 11 870 ALP 181 162 117 49 709 GGT 274 256 205 10 1092 LDH 613 235 524 256 1135 TBIL 1.
There were significant differences GLU, BUN, TP, ALB, GLB, CR, TBIL and UA values among the groups (P<0.
Plasma AST and TBIL levels observed in this study were significantly higher (P <0.
2 Tietz_4th_edition LIP Blood (Serum, Plasma) more than 120 Ref_Literature MPR CSF less than 15 Tietz_4th_edition MPR CSF more than 25 Tietz_4th_edition code sample_type operator value Src NA Blood (Serum, Plasma) less than 136 Tietz_4th_edition NA Blood (Serum, Plasma) more than 145 Tietz_4th_edition TBIL Blood (Serum, Plasma) more than 2 Tietz_4th_edition TG Blood (Serum, Plasma) more than 150 Tietz_4th_edition TP Blood (Serum, Plasma) less than 6.
The relentless pressure on liquidity, coupled with the stagnant if not falling value of the company's remaining property portfolio during 2010, have led the Board to the regrettable conclusion that the only realistic option for TBIL is to sell its 61.
This study shows that PT, TBIL, AST, blood NH[sub]3 , and AFP levels in the [sup]13C-UBT positive group were significantly higher than those in the [sup]13C-UBT-negative group ( P < 0.
Abbreviations: ALB, albumin; ALH, amplitude of lateral head displacement; ALP, alkaline phosphatase; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; CON, control; DI, drug loading; EE, encapsulation efficiency; FCA, Freund's complete adjuvant agent; GGT, (-glutamyl transpeptidase; GSH-PX, total glutathione peroxidase; HPLC, high-performance liquid chromatography; MDA, malondialdehyde; NS, normal saline; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SD, Sprague Dawley; SLN, solid lipid nanoparticles; SOD, superoxide dismutase; TBIL, total bilirubin; TEM, transmission electron microscopy; TP, triptolide; TWHF, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook f.
In addition, the activity of plasma AST increased significantly, and there was a rising tendency for plasma yGT, TBIL, and CHE in clinically ketotic cows (Table 3).
Tests performed on the SmartLab were ALT, ALB, ALP, AST, BUN, GLU, serum creatinine, TBIL, and TP.