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Functional analysis revealed that the biomarker is enriched for genes involved in cell proliferation (IFIT3, PML, PTPN6, PTPRU, TBRG1, WNK2, and ZEB1) and in cytokine signaling (DDX58, IFIT3, PIK3R1, PIK3R5, PML, PTPN6, and SKP1), supporting previous evidence of cell- and interferon-mediated immune responses to be linked to humoral responses to influenza vaccination.
In particular, RT-qPCR showed that fibrillin 2 (FBN2) was significantly decreased in expression by 65 [+ or -] 14%, while TGF-[beta]2 mRNA significantly increased to 155 [+ or -] 44% and TGF-[beta] regulator 1 (TBRG1) mRNA significantly increased to 143 [+ or -] 23%, relative to controls.