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The recognition of TDEL as an important consumer electronics technology by the Chinese government is an endorsement by one of the most significant consumer electronics manufacturing regions of the world," said Barry M.
The pilot facility is intended to simulate manufacturing in a commercial environment in order to generate repeatability data and engineering samples of high-definition 34-inch flat panel display modules based on its proprietary TDEL technology.
We have had excellent early output of TDEL panels from the initial runs through the pilot plant," said Barry M.
As an emissive display technology, TDEL will offer a viewing experience that is much closer to the CRT and superior to other flat panel TV technologies," said Nick Khoury, President of iFire.
iFire made the first public display of its 34-inch prototype display and began the first phase of commercialization with construction of the pilot plant that will validate the TDEL technology performance capabilities and help prove its projected 30 to 50 percent manufacturing cost advantage over existing flat panel display technologies.
Our analysis indicates that iFire's TDEL will have a sustainable manufacturing cost advantage and will require a smaller capital investment for manufacturing.
With superior video performance characteristics and a substantial manufacturing cost advantage over other flat panel display technologies, iFire's proprietary TDEL technology is poised to become the affordable, high performance alternative for the mass consumer flat panel television market.
Compared to the triple-patterned phosphor approach, Color by Blue is an even easier way to fabricate full color TDEL panels - we are further simplifying an already simple process," said Dr.