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After the potential purchase, TDR could integrate TSM into the European business of TDR-owned modular space solutions provider Algeco Scotsman, located in the US.
TDR may affect the time for ART response (virologic clearance) and jeopardize the early treatment goals among acute/early HIV infected individuals.
TDR further allows organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats by correlating events from their UTM appliances and their endpoints.
TDR is a training group dedicated to the engineering sector and the deal for the British Engines facility should allow it to accelerate its growth plans and develop a leading training centre in the North East.
2008) noted that TDR always overestimated soil water content (SWC) in clay soils compared with standard, oven-dry gravimetric measurements, in the moisture range <20% of soil saturation.
2008; 2009) stated that even with appropriate calibration criteria, TDR readings can be affected by systematic or random errors, causing fluctuations in measurements.
Repeat chest MDCT ten days later revealed herniation of omental fat into the left chest, consistent with subacute TDR (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
Una vez lista la superficie de determinacion, se introdujo suavemente en el suelo las sondas de cada TDR y se realizaron las mediciones respectivas (Topp y Ferre 2002).
Electronic device circuit quality analysis is commonly performed using oscilloscope TDR (time domain reflectometry).
TDR calibration removes the effects of fixtures and nonideal instrument performance from the measurement.
MOHR Test and Measurement LLC, a supplier of time-domain reflectometry cable test equipment, has shipped its 1000th CT100 Series TDR cable tester to a United States military customer.