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Others argue that the RwL may lack epistemic function and suggest regarding RwL as the implementing and testing phase of results from preceding TDR processes (Jahn and Keil 2016).
In comparison to the RwL, TDR is traced back to a long phase of terminological discussions.
The literature related to TDR-based soil moisture content measurements is extensive [18-22]; however, traditional TDR soil moisture content measurements rely on short, multirod probes for local moisture content measurements.
TDR relies on the analysis of the signal that is reflected when an electromagnetic signal (typically, a voltage step signal with very fast rise time or a pulse signal) is propagated along a probe or a SE inserted into the system under test.
(19) Ultimately, the goal of TDR programs is to keep
Executed as detailed above, TDR programs seem to sidestep, or even
Richard Dodd, chief operations officer at British Engines, said: "British Engines has expertise in engineering and manufacturing, but not in running and developing a training school to its full potential; we believe that TDR can do this.
"The training world must move at the same pace as industry and to that end we will continue to work closely with TDR to ensure a collaborative approach to the training of our apprentices (who will all attend the training school) and to fulfil our commitment of encouraging and nurturing the region's future engineering talent.
TDR said it had secured support for the offer from 44 per cent of BCA's shareholders, including letters of intent to vote in favour from Woodford Investment Management, Invesco Asset Management and Axa.
TDR 1000 Moto race will start on June 22 at 7am whilst the first heat of the Toyota Kalahari 1000km desert race will follow at 8.15 am.
BCA, which buys and sells used cars, said it is in advanced talks with TDR Capital regarding a possible 243 pence per share cash offer for the company.
If the TDR is prematurely encashed within three months of booking, profit rate will be applied as per booking rate minus 2.5%.