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Fitch expects the pace of Tempe's spending to remain below that of revenues; service level pressures are modest given a mature residential base.
Video footage from a dash-mounted camera inside the vehicle, released by Tempe police, showed the SUV traveling along a dark street when the headlights suddenly illuminated Herzberg in front of the SUV.
In March 2017 an Uber Volvo was left on its side following a crash in Tempe. It too had a driver at the wheel.
The company said that it had suspended testing of its self-driving cars in the cities of Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto.
The general fund reserve policy and the long-range forecast are also part of Tempe's "Long-Range Financial Capacity Study." The study, which provides a comprehensive review of the city's long-term financial position, is reviewed by the city council and staff before the annual budget process, providing big-picture context for budget decision making.
Most recently it was decided Versum's research and development labs would be relocated over the next year to Tempe; Hometown, Pennsylvania; Taiwan; and Korea.
Tempe fire officials tell KNXV-TV that nine people were taken to a nearby hospital after the incident 7 p.m.
Tempe is called to a run-down apartment outside Montreal, where she finds the mummified remains of a tiny newborn baby.
books BONES ARE FOREVER BY KATHY REICHS (William Heinemann, pounds 18.99) FANS will be familiar with Tempe Brennan - a forensic anthropologist based out of North Carolina and Montreal.
Travel Business Review-January 5, 2012--InterContinental Hotels Announces Opening of Holiday Inn Express and Suites Phoenix Tempe University(C)2012] ENPublishing -
"The first thing visitors do when they enter the [Tempe Municipal] building is look up" said Jennifer Adams, facilities operations manager for the city of Tempe, Ariz.
ME Global Inc., Minneapolis, has announced a $23.4 million expansion at its metalcasting facilities in Duluth, Minn., and Tempe, Ariz.