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1. relating to, characterized by, or affected by tides
2. dependent on the state of the tide
3. (of a glacier) reaching the sea and discharging floes or icebergs


An HD music audio and video streaming service from Norway-based Aspiro AB, which is owned by S. Carter Enterprises (Jay Z). Introduced in 2014, TIDAL is a paid service that streams to desktop, mobile and network player devices. More than 50 million song titles and 200,000 music videos are available, which can also be downloaded for offline playback.

TIDAL X and TIDAL Rising
TIDAL X unites artists with their fans by live streaming events as well as inviting TIDAL subscribers to concerts and other venues.

TIDAL Rising creates a wider audience for artists who have a fan base but do not yet have worldwide recognition. TIDAL provides press photos, PR and tour support for rising artists. See high-resolution audio.

Resolution Choices
TIDAL offers its subscribers a choice of streaming resolution. For cellular listeners, a lower music quality means fewer bytes of data are transmitted, which may impact the user's data plan or be better in highly congested cells.
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Tidal will also host ticket giveaways throughout the 12 days.
Yesterday a spokeswoman for Tidal Lagoon Power said that it had been a frustrating period but that the developers remained hopeful that a decision would be imminent.
Tidal energy is produced through the use of tidal energy generators.
In the next few months, Mercedes-Benz customers with Mercedes me equipped vehicles will be able to access a complimentary TIDAL HiFi membership.
Sources from Tidal told TMZ that West has been unhappy with the company and has complained that the company owes him over $3 million (Dh11.
Tidal HiFi will provide customers the opportunity to access Tidal's artist-driven, exclusive content, livestreams, music videos, ticket giveaways and unique fan experiences.
Tidal is available in more than 52 countries, with a more than 42.
And he claims that Rihanna was "upset" when her latest album Anti sold just 460 copies in the first week after it was given away for free by Tidal.
The Morlais Tidal Energy Demonstration Zone, which has sparked interest from across the globe, was selected for its tidal energy resource and access to infrastructure such as Holyhead Port and potential National Grid connections to accommodate the Wylfa Newydd nuclear plant.
People gathered watch the Qiantang bore, in China How often do tidal bores occur?
The 10MW Skerries Tidal Stream Array, which was to be Wales's first commercial tidal energy farm, was given planning permission from the Welsh Government in February 2013 and was due to create dozens of local jobs.
Wave makers on the surface and flow-drive units underneath create currents in multiple directions, mimicking the conditions at tidal energy sites.