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(Tagged Image File Format) A bitmapped graphics file format from Adobe. Originally developed by Aldus and Microsoft, TIFF handles monochrome, gray scale, 8-and 24-bit color. Widely used in book publishing and other print-related industries, TIFF allows for customization, and TIFF files retain their layers and transparency when saved in Photoshop. Over the years, several versions of TIFF have been created, which does not guarantee compatibility between all programs. Files use the .TIF and .TIFF extensions.

TIFF file sizes are reduced using one of several compression methods. LZW provides ratios of about 1.5:1 to 2:1. Ratios of 10:1 to 20:1 are possible for documents with large amounts of white space using ITU Group III and IV compression methods (fax). See TIFF/EP, JPEG and graphics formats.

Saving a TIFF
TIFF is a sophisticated bitmapped format with numerous options, which is why it has been widely used in the publishing industry. This is the TIFF Save dialog in Photoshop Elements.
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