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Established in 2014 as part of the UK Government's Oil & Gas Strategy, the TLB's aim is for fluid sharing of technological know-how so all companies can access it.
The company said it plans to use the proceeds from the New TLB to replace its Existing TLB, which will have an amortized balance of USD 319 million at the time of refinancing, pay fees and expenses associated with the refinancing, increase share repurchases and for general corporate purposes.
The RCF ranks pari passu with SIACI Saint Honore's senior secured TLB. Therefore following a strict debt waterfall, we assess recoveries for senior secured creditors at 55%, resulting in an instrument rating of 'B+'/'RR3'.
SELL BUSESMr Nduati said several' and Kenyatta is said to have remarked, according to a later interview by former TLB chairman Gatuguta: "Go and sell the buses and buy matatus.
The first-ever value-added customer experience offering to be introduced by an insurance company, TLB Eminence is a complimentary membership available for eligible customers of Transamerica Life Bermuda that offers them access to luxury concierge and security services.
The TLB public relations officer, Mr Ernest Mokganedi said the biking community was one of the fastest growing, and that he was optimistic that using the bikers to promote tourism in the region would assist.
As a result most varieties currently on the market are tolerant to a single disease leaving them vulnerable to other diseases.The objective of this study was to screen maize hybrids for yield and resistance to MSV and TLB to increase productivity in MSV and TLB disease prone areas.
The Total Lift Bed (TLB) provides a solution to the rise in injuries to caregivers and patients related to manual lifting and transfers to and from bed.
The Kubota L45 TLB tractor-loader-backhoe features an HST Plus Transmission and the versatility of three machines in one, combining a strong, integrated loader and quick attach backhoe with a Category I 3-point hitch.
(TLB) said it plans to close 75 to 100 stores and predicted slower sales this quarter, signaling that the classic-clothing retailer is still struggling as it attempts to reposition the brand to attract younger women.
-- Current American Joint Committee on Cancer melanoma staging criteria incorporate a mitotic rate of 1 /m[m.sup.2] or greater into the Tlb classification, recognizing mitotic rate as an independent prognostic factor in patients with primary melanoma.