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Transcendental Meditation,

service mark for a meditation technique and program founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and based on Vedic philosophy. Stressing natural meditation and the mental and physical benefits and personal development that could be achieved, Transcendental Meditation is said to help individuals achieve a higher level of consciousness. Brought by Maharishi from India to the West in 1959, Transcendental Meditation was a distinct subculture within the 1960s youth movement, attracting actress Mia Farrow, cultural philosopher Marshall McLuhan, and the Beatles, and continues to have many practitioners. See also meditationmeditation,
religious discipline in which the mind is focused on a single point of reference. It may be a means of invoking divine grace, as in the contemplation by Christian mystics of a spiritual theme, question, or problem; or it may be a means of attaining conscious union
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See A. Campbell, Seven States of Consciousness (1973); R. Roth, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Mediation (1987); D. Chopra, Return of the Rishi (1991).

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By understanding the beginnings of the postcharismatic phase in the TM movement, which started with Maharishi's death in 2008, we can perhaps make predictions about its future and further understand the mechanisms by which a spiritual movement survives or fails.
I attempted to interview a diverse group, including various ages, levels of involvement in the TM movement, and degree of authority, such as administrators at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).
Although the TM movement is relatively small, its adherents believe that simply by existing and meditating, they raise the consciousness and awareness of the population around them.
According to Weber, this is a sign of "true" charisma, and the recognition of charisma is "a matter of complete personal devotion to the possessor of the quality, arising out of enthusiasm, or of despair and hope." (49) This sentiment, that Maharishi provided unexpected hope and inspiration for his followers, is expressed by many members of the TM movement. (50)
It is this in particular that resonates strongly with the TM movement, which is nearly single-mindedly devoted to recruiting more followers and, indeed, states this to be the ultimate goal of the organization.
The TM movement already runs private schools around the world, including the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale in Lancashire of all places.
With the breakdown of teenage discipline and juvenile disorder in our urban and village areas, I think the Government should give real consideration to the TM movement's application to run academies.