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Forestry, a state agency, implemented the TMDL through conditions on
nonpoint source polluted waters from the TMDL requirement in new
67) Both sets of interests agreed that breathing life into the TMDL provisions of the CWA provided the appropriate vehicle for doing so.
Responding to these pressures on July 13, 2000, EPA issued new regulations revising the Water Quality Planning and Management, or TMDL regulations and the NPDES and Water Quality Standards.
Beyond that, ACA underscored that the TMDL is flawed in many other ways, the first of which is that it does not consider bioavailability of dissolved copper in the water column.
A third-party TMDL is where an organization or group other than the lead water quality agency takes responsibility for developing the TMDL document and supporting analysis.
Shannon said the outcry against TMDL started in El Dorado when he and an EPA official held a public discussion attended by 2,000 landowners.
A TMDL is a calculated amount of a pollutant that can be released (loaded) into a body of water without violating water quality standards.
AFBF points out that the TMDL dictates how much nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment can be allowed into the bay and its tributaries from different areas and sources.
When the Agency of Natural Resources submitted the TMDL to EPA for approval in 2002, it assumed that sewage treatment plants would be allowed to increase pollution in the future because overall cleanup and prevention efforts would have resulted in pollution reduction from other sources such as stormwater runoff from urbanized areas and discharges of manure and other agricultural wastes from farms.
The agency established a TMDL for the Garcia River in California, a stream affected only by nonpoint sources.