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An early language for writing recursive descent compilers. It was macroed from the IBM 1604 to the IBM 709 to the IBM 7094 to the GE-635, where it was used by McIlroy and Morris to write the EPL compiler for Multics.

["TMG - A Syntax-Directed Compiler", R.M. McClure, Proc ACM 20th Natl Conf (1965)].

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Established in 1989, TMG specializes in delivering risk management, insurance products and programs to the security guard, private investigation, intelligence, electronic security, alarm installation, central station monitoring and security consulting marketplace.
There will also be representatives from Intelligence Bureau (IB), National Investigation Agency (NIA), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) in the TMG.
As for its assets in Egypt, TMG fixed assets, led by the real estate developer Hisham Talaat Mostafa, is estimated at EGP 23.8bn, making the company Egypt's top real estate developer in terms of assets size.
TMG has long been viewed as the utility industry's most reputable, full-service and independent utility advisory and implementation support consultancy firm.
Mather Group (TMG), a Chicago-based wealth management firm, has announced the acquisition of Illinois, US-based Astraeus Advisers, a multifamily office with more than USD 1.0bn in assets under management, marking the official launch of TMG Family Office, the company said.??Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.??Mather said TMG Family Office serves 18 families with more than USD 5.0bn in collective assets under advisement.
Leveraging the technology TMG has used to scale its national, fee-only wealth management firm, TMG Family Office represents a modern, tech-forward experience unparalleled in the multifamily office space.
He said TMG Group currently has 42 branches, of them 21 are offering KR1M 2.0 items.
The acquisition of RIM Solutions by TMG Consulting is acutely strategic; TMG is pushing the boundaries of the conventional role of utility consultants to deliver more of what utilities need to make the best possible decisions.
The case arose after Peter Seltzer, a manufacturer of chenille products under the registered trademark KashwA(c)re, ran into financial difficulty and sold the assets of his business to TMG Kreations in 2009.
In this case, TMG prohibited Seltzer's use of the Kashwere trademark as part of a corporate name unless Seltzer identified itself as the exclusive licensee of TMG in Japan and did not hold itself out as TMG.
Actual payment--involving making a few swipes on the eyeglass frames--would occur through See2Pay integration with TMG partner Dwolla, a payments innovation firm also based in Des Moines.
Mr Smith joined the TMG board of directors on at the start of the month, eight months after returning to the business after a time working at Thomas Cook Sport.