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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Witchcraft utilizes various "working tools," including both coven tools and personal tools. Coven tools, as the name implies, are used purely in a coven situation, with just one of each tool available for the whole coven's use. Personal tools are those that are owned and used by individual Witches.

The number and variety of coven tools depends upon the tradition of the coven. For example, some traditions use a sword to mark and consecrate the ritual Circle; others will not have a sword but may use a besom, or broomstick, to "sweep" the Circle. Still others may make do with an athamé or a staff, rather than a sword. Below are listed some of the tools used in Witchcraft:

SWORD—Usually used to mark and consecrate the magic Circle, it is also used in initiations. It is only used by the Priest or Priestess. WAND—A capacitor and projector for the magical power raised. It may also be used to "draw down" the deities, as in "Drawing Down the Moon." WHITE HANDLED KNIFE—A true tool in that it is used to mark or engrave other tools with magical sigils. SCOURGE—Used in initiations as part of the symbolic death that is found as part of that rite. By some Witches, scourging is also done in magical work. CENSER—Also known as a "thurible," this is used for burning the incense that helps create the right atmosphere for the rituals. SALT—Representing life, or the life force. This is always on the altar and is an essential part of the consecration process. WATER—Representing spirit; like salt, it is an essential part of the consecration process. CORDS—Used to bind both in initiation (representing the restrictions of the womb prior to birth) and for the working of magic.

PENTACLE—Used in divination as a scrying tool. ASPERGILLUM—Used to sprinkle the salted water during a consecration. ATHAME—This is the Witch's personal tool. Every Witch should have his or her own athamé. It is a ritual tool, not used for any physical cutting and most certainly never to draw blood. BESOM—A ritual broomstick used in some fertility rituals and by some covens for Circle casting or closing. STAFF—A version of the old rod of power, which manifested as a royal scepter and can also be seen as a bishop's crozier, a mace, a baton, and in many other forms. Used by some Witches like a wand and/or a sword. CANDLE—Always found on the altar and also around the Circle at the four cardinal points.

BELL—Used by some Witches in various rituals.

Anything may be used by a Witch as a ritual tool if he or she feels that it is important and if there is good reason for using it. What is felt to be essential to one Witch is not necessarily acknowledged by another.

What does it mean when you dream about tools?

Beyond the phallic connotations, tools in a dream can represent our practical abilities. Different specific tools represent different things, such as “hammering” someone or throwing a “monkey wrench” into something. Also might be alluding to the meaning of certain idioms, such as “tools of the trade.” If one works regularly with tools, then tools in a dream could just be a reflection of daily life.

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