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a drop of the secretion of the lacrimal glands



a drop of the clear, slightly opalescent fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands. Tears are slightly alkaline. They contain as much as 99 percent water and 0.9 percent inorganic matter, chiefly sodium chloride and small quantities of sodium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and calcium phosphate, as well as the antibacterial enzyme lysozyme; other proteins constitute 0.1 percent. Tears moisten the anterior surface of the eye and prevent it from drying, wash foreign bodies out of the conjunctival sac, and participate in the nutrition of the cornea.


run, 3
1. In roofing, the horizontal distance from the face of a wall to the ridge of the roof.
2. In stairways, the width of a single stair tread.
3. The horizontal distance covered by a flight of steps.
4. The runway or track for a sash.
5. A small stream of paint flowing vertically on a
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Hamilton, this muscle spans two joints (the knee and hip), with "a large blood supply that causes inflammation and scar tissue when it's torn." Dancers use the hamstring in almost every movement of the lower body, making it easy to overload.
2 cases diagnosed as tear on MRI found converted to normal on arthroscopy (false positive) and 1 case which was normal on MRI found to be torn on arthroscopy (false negative).
1 was normal on arthroscopy (false positive) and 1 case which were normal on MRI found to be torn on arthroscopy (false negative).
Some dancers live with a partially torn nail by avoiding pointe for a few days and thereafter taping the loose nail down with a Band-Aid (only the non-sticky part should touch the nail, please) until a new nail plate forms underneath, which often takes at least three months.