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(1) See TP monitor.

(2) (Transactions Per Minute) The number of transactions processed within one minute. See TPS.

(3) (Trusted Platform Module) A security chip from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) that is typically built into the motherboard of a PC. It provides secure key generation by generating a private key that is stored in the chip and cannot be divulged to hackers. See TCG.

(4) (Tire Pressure Monitoring) The real-time monitoring of a vehicle's tire pressure. The TPM sensors are inside each tire, and when the pressure falls below a set threshold, the wireless transmitter sends a signal to the dashboard to turn on an alert light. The sensor contains lithium batteries that will eventually lose their charge and require replacement. Although TPM sensors were optional in some car models in the 1990s, they became standard in U.S. cars in 2008. See automotive safety systems.

A TPM Sensor
The sensor resides inside the tire attached directly to the valve stem, and it can be damaged if the tire goes entirely flat. Like parts for all cars, TPM sensors differ depending on make and model. This one is for an older Porsche 911. (Image courtesy of Parts Geek,
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'Education and research at TPM stand out because of their combination of natural sciences and technology with insights from economics, the humanities and the social and behavioural sciences.
He has been a part of TPM's Customer Success Team for a little over a year.
The course offers an evidence-based and data-driven methodology for setting safety targets and provides participants with an understanding of the safety data needed to meet TPM requirements.
As IoT adoption continues to grow, a rising number of devices are so small that the inclusion of a full TPM chip might be impractical due to factors such as cost, space and power.
TCG has published a specification for the trusted supply chain, defining how TPM credentials are used to verify supply chain entities in the manufacturing, assembly and delivery using the specific TPM on the device.
TPM provides functions for the secure generation of cryptographic keys and limits their use in addition to a random number generator [9][10].
For KBSP, APM Terminals Bahrain has undertaken the traditional TPM 5s model, to streamline its maintenance operations with an aim to create a clean and well-organised environment while improving equipment reliability.
Dessa forma, infere-se que a TPM adota como linha editorial temas direcionados a uma mulher menos consumidora de cosmeticos, que possui conteudo alem de beleza e maquiagem.
Patients with partial epilepsy who received monotherapy with one of six AEDs, namely, CBZ, VPA, topiramate (TPM), oxcarbazepine (OXC), lamotrigine (LTG), or levetiracetam (LEV), were identified and followed up from May 2007 to October 2014, and time to first seizure after treatment, 12-month remission rate, retention rate, reasons for treatment discontinuation, and adverse effects were evaluated.
Phosphagenics has demonstrated that TPM can transport oxycodone across intact skin in a rodent model and act directly on inflamed tissue to provide local pain relief.