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A TCP/IP utility, originally Unix, which allows the user to determine the route packets are taking to a particular host. Traceroute works by increasing the "time to live" value of packets and seeing how far they get, until they reach the given destination; thus, a lengthening trail of hosts passed through is built up.


An Internet utility that describes the path in real time from the client machine to the remote host being contacted. It reports the IP addresses of all the routers in between. Windows comes with its own Traceroute utility (TRACERT.EXE) that is executed from the command line.

A Visual Trace
You see the nodes pop into place with NeoTrace, originally created by NeoWorx. This shows the 13 nodes from The Computer Language Company to HP's website in California. Starting at the Comcation ISP in Doylestown, PA, the route is traced to the Digex ISP (206 and digex nodes) through various routers in the BBN backbone that HP is connected to. Details are displayed when the cursor is moved over a node's icon. For more information, visit, which bought NeoWorx and incorporated NeoTrace into its Personal Firewall service.
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The netViz eHealth Adapter supports the following functions for eHealth(R) elements: ping, telnet, tracert, eHealth(R) At-a-Glance report, eHealth(R) Organization Report and eHealth(R) Trend Report.
A sampler has been cross-stitched from a transposed graphic of a Tracert DOS command.
Without any additional configuration of the unit, ZyXEL's SUA supports those Internet applications that require two-way communication between hosts and cannot run on traditional NAT environments, including Internet Relay Chat (IRC), MS Tracert, RealAudio, CU SeeMe, VDOLive and Quake.