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a city in Czechoslovakia, in the South Moravian Province of the Czech Socialist Republic, on the Jihlava River. Population, 23,300 (1974). Třebíč is famous for its leather goods, including shoes and gloves. Industry is also represented by machine building and metalworking.

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The album was made in Trebic for acoustic reasons, since the local basilica is suitable For recording, and also because the Trebic Opera Festival participated in the CD's release.
DNA tests proved there was a mix-up at a Czech hospital in Trebic - probably because the mums have the same first name.
The couples plan to sue Trebic Hospital near Brno for pounds 250,000 compensation.
Trebic hospital is investigating how the switch came about, although it seems likely that the mothers' common first name Jaroslava is to blame.
To assess the stress field and motion pattern of structural units situated between the Alps and the Lugian and the Moravo-Silesian units altogether seven sites were built in the Moldanubian pluton (Pekluvko--PEKL and Pavlov--PAVL), in the Svratka anticline (Osiky--OSIK and Zabludov--ZABL), in the Trebic Massif (Benetice--BENE), in the Brno Massif (Horice--HORI), and in southern part of the Moravian-Silesian Palaeozoics (Nove Sady--NOSA); see Figure 1 and Table 1.
Jaromerice nad Rokytnou, a small town about 20 km south of Trebic, is first mentioned in historical records in 1325.
The couples are claiming pounds 250,000 from the Trebic hospital in Brno, Czech Republic.
Bosses called police amid claims the tots were swapped on purpose at Trebic hospital in the Czech Republic.
The mothers, from the Czech town of Trebic, discovered the truth after DNA tests in September and were braced for a pre-Christmas "trade".