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A trine is an aspect of 120° between two points—such as two planets—in an astrological chart. This soft aspect is traditionally regarded as harmonious and beneficial, although too many soft aspects combined with too few hard aspects is regarded as unfortunate because people with this chart pattern do not usually experience enough of life’s hard edges to develop strong character. It is sometimes referred to as the aspect of good fortune. Trines indicate an easy flow of energy between two planets. Thus, for example, an individual with a natal trine between Mercury (which represents the mind) and Uranus (which rules, among other sciences, astrology) would have a natural aptitude for understanding astrology.


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Panicum decipiens Nees ex Trin. = Steinchisma decipiens (Nees ex Trin.) W.V.
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MAE mwy o drafod yn digwydd o fewn muriau'r salon trin gwallt nag unrhyw le arall.
Around 21 senior banks are expected to join the financing for Blackstone's (BX) proposed purchase of a majority stake in Thomson Reuters' (TRI, TRIN) Financial and Risk unit, Reuters reports.
Bouygues wants to benefit from the great position of Plan Group on the market and to deploy its expertise in network infrastructures including street lighting, substations and high voltage lines, said Bouygues Energies & Services chairman and chief executive Jean-Philippe Trin.
Sh ww w NE ann Wo W famT gra rel we w le y p o so thr It I w un by Bir gen E to W trin wr On Ma Du Bir
Ac mewn rhaglen arbennig nos Iau, bydd cameru cwmni teledu Telesgop yn cyflwyno cip tu l i'r llenni o gwmnau PWS a Dwer Cymru, dau gwmni sy'n trin carthion pobl Cymru.
The attack comes a day after the alliance announced that more than 50 militants and one ISAF soldier were killed Saturday after ISAF forces engaged a ''large number of insurgents'' in the Trin Kowt area of neighboring Urozgan Province.