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The data used for determining the best geostatistical model correspond to the satellite rainfall data 3B42 type with a spatial resolution of 32 km and a temporal resolution of 3 hours generated by the TRMM.
Rainfall estimates from TRMM were extracted using the AcreBioClima geographic coordinates for the stations available in the Acre basin and both datasets were compared against each other through a contingency table (26,27), as can be found in Wilks (2011, p.
Ojo JS, Omotosho TV (2013) Comparison of 1-min rain rate derived from TRMM satellite data and raingauge data for microwave applications in Nigeria.
t] calculados de las imagenes MODIS, los datos TRMM previamente validados con la informacion de SENAMHI y los datos de cobertura de nieve MODIS.
25[degrees]) TRMM precipitation data as a substitute to rain gauge data and SRTM data to derive the distribution of stream networks and watersheds, a substitute to information derived from topographic sheets.
Poveda, Using TRMM data for annual average precipitation fields estimations in Colombia, Fifth European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology, ERAD 2008, Helsinki, Finland, 2008.
He worked on the calibration and characterization of the SeaWiFS ocean color sensor and of the VIRS instrument onboard TRMM.
According to the personal experience of several forecasters (DMSSENAMHI), the precipitation estimated by the TRMM offers a good spatial approximation of rains but underestimates the amount of precipitation by at least 40%.
The effect of environmental conditions on tropical deep convective systems observed from the TRMM satellite.
La NASA completo un estudio sobre las tormentas electricas con ayuda de un satelite llamado TRMM, que escudrino el planeta durante 6 anos.