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1) In this article, the term "TRO" is used as defined by Annex J of the FORSCOM EXORD and focuses on the Active Army/Active Army training relationship, as opposed to the Department of Defense TRO definition referenced in Joint Publication 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, which reflects the Active Army/Reserve Component relationship.
The live broadcast of TRO Learning's quarterly conference call will be available online at www.
Last year, TRO Learning launched an internal reinvention program to not only improve the Company's financial performance, but to streamline and reevaluate processes for improved operational functions.
The Honorable Dzintra Janavs heard the application for the TRO and denied it in all respects, both procedurally and substantively.
The Company felt that the current political and social climate offered a major opportunity for TRO Learning to expand its worldwide leadership position as a provider of computer-based education for the young adult to adult audience, particularly given TRO's current strong market position, competitive advantage of its PLATO courseware offerings, and the high margins associated with PLATO products and services.
The following is the release prepared and distributed by TRO detailing the target refinement programme that is underway at Woodlawn.
Key institutions such as Daley College in Chicago and Fayetteville Technical Community College in North Carolina have already partnered with TRO and more than 150 colleges have expressed an interest in becoming a PEP.
Martyr, previously Consultant Business Development, has been with TRO for the past year and played an important role in taking the Company through the listing process on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Entering of the TRO was conditioned upon Boundless making a payment on this promissory note of $260,000 to Mr.
TRO Learning is the leading developer and marketer of microcomputer-based interactive, self-paced instructional and testing systems used in a wide variety of adult settings.
The TRO became effective at posting of the undertaking which Viper did on or about June 28,2004.