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(language, programming, testing, tool)
(TRace ON) A command used when debugging programs written in early line-numbered BASIC that contained GOTO and GOSUB statements.

When the TRON command had been executed, the program ran with a window open indicating the line number being executed at that instant.

The TROFF (an abbreviation for "TRace OFF") command turned the tracing off.


(NRL, CMU, probably from the film "Tron") To become inaccessible except via electronic mail or talk especially when one is normally available via telephone or in person.

Compare spod.
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(1) (TRace ON) A debugging command in the BASIC programming language that displays each instruction with its line number when executing. TROFF (trace off) turns off the debugging mode. In the 1982 science fiction film TRON, TRON is a security program used to shut down a malevolent supercomputer.

(2) (The Realtime Operating System Nucleus) An advanced real-time operating system developed by Japanese universities and corporations. i-TRON is a version that is used for microcontrollers in industrial machinery.
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TRON III was developed and put in the field for testing three months after the need was established.
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They were indeed successful in prohibiting performances for the carnival of 1581, as we know from the tax returns submitted in March, 1582, by Ettore Tron and Alvise Michiel, who both declared that their theaters were not in use and therefore producing no income.
They promised to present works of unexceptionable content: "pastorals, tragedies and most wholesome comedies." (61) More importantly for our purposes here, they promised that "we will see to it that at all times the boxes remain open in the rear so that no person will ever be able to hide there scandalously" (62) -- thus, of course, making absolutely clear that the Michiel as well as the Tron theater had boxes and that in the past people had hidden scandalously in those palchi.
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