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A series of personal computers sold by Tandy Radio Shack. The '80' refers to the use of Zilog Z-80 processor (NOT Intel 80x8x).

There were 7.5 computers in the TRS-80 line: Models I, II, III, 4, 100, 102, 200. The Model 4P was a portable version of the Model 4 with no tape drive -- only 2 1/2-height single sided disk drives.

Later models that Radio Shack produced were not TRS-80 machines -- they were based on the Intel 80x8x architecture. These included Tandy 1000, Tandy 2000, Tandy 3000, and others. The 1000 had a proprietary Color card. The 2000 was a powerful machine for its time, but was based on the Intel 80186, so when IBM didn't build a computer based on this chip, it failed. It was used to design a boat for the America's Cup.

The TRS-80 GUI, DeskMate, was proprietary, but no more than Windoze at the time.

Many joke about "TRaSh-80" machines but several models were in fact classics of their time.
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(Tandy RadioShack-80) An early line of personal computers from Tandy Corporation (later renamed RadioShack). In 1977, the TRS-80, along with the Apple II and Commodore PET, ushered in the personal computer revolution. The operating system for the TRS-80 was TRS-DOS, sometimes affectionately called "Trash-DOS." See RadioShack and personal computer. See also TSR.

The TRS-80
This ad suggested every home should have a TRS-80. At an initial price of USD $599, it was relatively affordable, and it contributed to the explosion of personal computers in the 1980s. (Image courtesy of RadioShack Corporation.)
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Jones, who also teaches sixth-grade computer literacy, and fellow teacher Charles Morris decided to look, on the sly, for an easy-to-use administrative software package capable of doing "things the principal wouldn't dream of." It had to be compatible with the TRS-80 so that no new hardware would be required, and it had to carry a price that "wouldn't bust the budget."
First an IBM XT-compatible Tandy 1000 and then an IBM AT-compatible Tandy 3000 supplanted the TRS-80, and 27 or so MS-DOS machines were purchased for placement around the school.
Apple models, led by the IIE, turn up most frequently in laboratories, followed by IBM PCs and the Radio Shack TRS-80 line.
Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers business and tech in all its forms, with an emphasis on Linux and open source software.This blog piece was originally published here.
Co-founder and Senior Editor Scott Grattan, who dates his work back to a TRS-80, and co-founder Brian Weicker are "in our 305," Grattam said.
The organization is attempting to find 25 to 30 Radio Shack TRS-80 portable computers, standard issue for many foreign correspondents until the advent of more sophisticated laptop computers.
Having information available at my fingertips, the ability to contact people across the world about any common interest, to research anything that takes my fancy, is something I appreciate all the more because it wasn't available to me as a child with a bulky TRS-80 computer which could be used for little more than practice for programming in BASIC.
In the late 1970s, Bob bought one of the very first Radio Shack computers, the TRS-80, and taught himself to use it and then to write programs; he wrote two programs for use in his medical office.