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Content validity was obtained by physical education teachers and coaches by having them analyze the TSAP to make sure the content was appropriate and measured what it was intended to measure.
In order to determine the reliability of the TSAP, the test-retest method (Baumgartner & Jackson, 1991) was used and generated a reliability coefficient of .
In order to make sure that the observation of game performance outcomes for this current investigation was consistent and reliable, three observers assessed six participants in each of two five-minute game segments of the same film and record the frequencies of participants engaging in the game-related actions found on the TSAP in the specific categories (possession of the ball and disposing of the ball).
We should note that the precision and TSAP are measures of accuracy to be maximized, whereas the Kendall-tau is an error to be minimized.
Figure 3(a) through (c) summarizes the findings for the TSAP (Trec style precision), precision at top 10 and the Kendall-tau error measure.
TSAP was developed to encourage small distributors to extend their reach in prescribed regions throughout the US and Latin America.
Toolmex will continue to grow the TSAP to include distributors in other regions of North America, as well as in Central and South America.