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HD Analog

A family of progressive scan analog interfaces for CCTV surveillance systems. Rather than change CCTV systems entirely to IP cameras, HD Analog options were introduced in the 2010 time frame to provide easier upgrade paths. HD Analog cameras support 1080p video but also use the existing coaxial cable network. See network camera, CCTV and surveillance camera resolutions.

CVBS (Composite Video Blanking and Sync)
CVBS is not HD but is listed here for reference. It is the traditional 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL) analog signal that connects via an RCA or BNC cable. See NTSC and PAL.

HD-TVI (Transport Video Interface)
An open standard for 720p and 1080p video, HD-TVI is available in numerous analog surveillance cameras using coax up to 1,600 ft. and Cat 5 twisted pair up to 700 ft. HD-TVI also supports IP cameras.

HD-CVI (Component Video Interface)
A proprietary standard for 720p and 1080p video, HD-CVI also supports IP cameras in certain configurations with cable lengths similar to HD-TVI.

AHD (Analog High Definition)
An open standard for 720p and 1080p video with 1080p cable lengths up to 1,600 ft. and 720p to 492 ft. AHD does not support IP cameras.

HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface)
HD-SDI is not analog but is listed here for reference. HD-SDI is a digital interface at 1080p. It uses coaxial cable to allow integration into existing CCTV systems when hybrid DVRs are installed. However, cable distances are considerably shorter than HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD. See HD-SDI, SDI and hybrid DVR.
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To make this happen at one of Portugal's largest festivals, Musion provided a HD Audio/Video Image Capture of the reporter from TVI studios in Lisbon, which was then transmitted through the Vodafone Portugal 5G network to Paredes de Coura.
TVI's first 170-megawatt baseload unit in Toledo City, Cebu, is now online.
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The Riedel system is deployed across TVI studios dedicated to news, virtual production and entertainment, and the three areas are linked by centrally and directly managed IFBs and mix-minuses with 2x39 simultaneous direct inputs from three different consoles (direct outs and mix minus) being used to create feeds.
After the teachers finished their first assigned phase with students (TVI Only or TVI+Tutor), they completed a probe using the adapted Assessment of Braille Literacy Skills (ABLS, Koenig & Farrenkopf, 1995) tool and then switched to the other phase.
TVI also chose ARRIS Global Services to converge its current QAM services into EQAM utilising the APEX3000.
One of the captives, Risdel is consultant of the mining firm TVI Resources and there are strong suspicions he was the actual target of the abduction.
Agata Mining Ventures Inc, a joint venture company in which TVI Pacific Inc.
The capability to have a whole line dedicated to the portioning of fresh meat is now available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology following the introduction of TVI's total concept.
alleges that TVI Media LLC of New York didn't make good on an agreement to invest in the national network dedicated to news and entertainment as told from the perspective of black Americans living in the South.
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